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Do you need to attract the attention of Magazines, Media agencies or simply win a contest?

You have probably visited tons of YouTube promoters and you are having hard time to decide how you should proceed? Your search stops here because we are the unique site that delivers real video viewers. All sites claim to deliver real video viewers. How can you verify if it is true or not?

Unfortunately there are some key facts that can't be ignored.

  • 1) You can't buy 10,000 real video viewers for a few dollars.
  • 2) Qualified viewers delivered through clicks is the best way to attract attention to your project.
  • 3) YouTube does not tolerate fake proxy views.

What are the tricks used by most sellers?

The most known trick for YouTube video views is to show your YouTube link in a popup window. People will close it right away and you won't be noticed. Some of our customers even reported that they received bad comments because of abusive popup ads. The second trick which is very risky for your YouTube account is BOTS! Which are also called PROXIES. Nightmare and easy to detect they are the perfect key to have your account closed by YouTube.

How do I know the views I purchase are real?

  • The seller must provide you a GUARANTEE that your YouTube account or video will NOT be suspended, WE DO!
  • The seller must guarantee that viewers will actually watch your video and NOT only see it for a few seconds. YouTube provides a meter that shows you the average length of the views you receive.
  • The price must correspond to the service you expect to receive. Prices that are too good to be true area usually very risky. We deliver video views through human clicks, not popups or proxies!

The Benefits of Working With Us!

  • High Quality YouTube video views available quickly to have your video view campaign finished as fast as 3-7 days!
  • 100% Real and Legitimate Human video viewers for your online videos
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  • No YouTube Terms of Service violation risk!
  • Free "I LIKE" ratings, Bonus views and Subscribers
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We operate in the respect of YouTube's terms of service.

If you're tired of trying to find a legitimate and fast service provider that will provide you with real and working YouTube video views without the risk of having your YouTube account suspended... You are at the right place! provides high quality human video views, subscribers and likes at affordable prices. Our legitimate YouTube video views do not cause video removal unlike some of our competitors. We guarantee to deliver 100% of the video views purchased fast and safely. No bots, no automatic softwares, no proxy hops, no fake hits or any other cheating methods that are used to inflate views.

How To Buy YouTube Views?

Step 1 - Select a package that suits your needs

How many views do I need?

To make your video clip stand out, you will need at least the same amount of views as your competition. Your title should mention the keyword you aim, and what is more - you should stuff your as-long-as-possible video description with the desired keyword too (Up to three times). If your YouTube video is fresh and your aim is to get the video at the top then consider buying one of our bigger YouTube video view plans to maximize your chances.

How long does it take to have my video campaign started?

- We start campaigns within 12-16 hours. If you have not received the activation email within 16 hours, please contact our livechat support or send us an email to support @

How many video views will I receive daily?

- The number of video views delivered depends of the package you choose. If you purchase FAST YouTube VIEWS then you will receive between 50000 and 70000 views daily. For more information, please read our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

What You Need To Know About YouTube Video Views:

Purchasing video views is authorized by YouTube as long as the views are REAL (Human views) . Our video views are Real, which means people do actually watch your video. YouTube also sells sponsored video ads so there is no risk in paying to get more video views.

What You Should Avoid at All Cost:

DO NOT purchase YouTube video comments! You will find hundreds of sellers around selling comment and subscriber packages for cheap. They may look attractive but the result is always the same. YouTube will close your account or suspend your video. People who sell you those comments use brand new YouTube accounts. They also use proxies to register from different IP addresses but it's very easy to see if an IP address belongs to a proxy provider or not because YouTube has adanced SPAM filters to suspend proxy accounts within 24-48 hours. Those SPAM filters check which channels have been commented by the fake YouTube accounts and close both the fake and buyer's accounts. There is no exception so it's better to STAY AWAY from fake comments.

FAST VIEW SERVICE - Please allow up to 12-16 hours for processing. The delivery speed may differ. If you ordered 10,000 Video Views, it will take 3-5 days. If you ordered 50,000 Video Views then it will take between 7-10 days. We do our best to have your video views delivered as FAST as possible. Many of our clients videos got numerous honors like "Most Viewed" and "Top Rated".

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