How long does it take to have my video view campaign started?
We start campaigns within 12-16 hours. If you have not received the activation email within 16 hours, please contact our support by sending us an email to support @ and we will do our very best to activate your pending campaign as quickly as possible..

How many video views will I receive daily?
The number of video views you receive daily depends of the number of video views you purchase. If you purchase FAST VIDEO VIEWS then you will receive between 50,000 and 70,000 views daily. If you chose SLOW/REGULAR VIDEO VIEWS then you won't receive over 300 views a day. If you have a very urgent campaign, please contact us to check if we can arrange faster delivery.

My campaign has begun but my counter does not move?
For FAST video view campaigns which have already received over 300 views, YouTube does not update the counter in real-time. It may take up to 12 hours to have your counter updated. We even have customers who had their video started at 550 views and found it at over 9000 the next day. The views we send are never lost, you just need to wait a few hours to see them.

Do you sell YouTube Comments?
Sorry but we don't sell comments, it's too risky and constitutes a violation of the YouTube terms and conditions.

I have not ordered yet but my counter is stuck around 300 views, can you help?
Yes we can help. Your counter is stuck because YouTube registers all page loads until 300 views then it freezes your video view counter until you receive 300 REAL video views. That problem will be definitely resolved as soon as you receive your first 300 video views from!. After 300 views, your YouTube counter does no longer report views in real-time because an ANTI-SPAM filter checks the validity of every video view and that requires a few hours to update your YouTube video view counter.

Am I going to see's domain name or any other domain name in my YouTube stats if I order views?
No, we make sure we remain invisible on your stats. You will see a blank referrer. No one will know that you purchase your YouTube video views from us.

I have Google adsense installed on my YouTube video, can I still use your service?
We strongly recommend you to temporarily disable your google adsense ads for the video you plan to promote. Google Adsense may not tolerate paid video video views that are delivered through another ad network than Google adwords so you may risk to have your Google Adsense account disabled if you don't temporarily disable your Adsense ads (if you have any) but we guarantee that nothing will ever happen to your YouTube channel and videos.We ran over 5000 video view campaigns so far so we know what we are talking about :-)

What are the payment options accepted?
We accept Paypal and all major Cryptocurrencies including LTC, BTC, ETH, DASH and many more.

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